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How can I manage audio?

The app allows users to download audio in two different ways, manual and automatic.

Manual - audio can be downloaded by swiping left on a day and tapping the download icon. This provides a high level of control as to what is on your device at any time and it is recommended that you manually delete the audio from your device once you have finished listening to it.

Automatic - controlled by a section within Settings, the app is able to automatically download a number of audio days for you, up to a limit that you set. It will delete the audio from your device if you listen to it all the way through. The app will stop automatically downloading new audio when it reaches the limit. This happens when you have lots of automatically downloaded audio that you have only partially listened to. To resolve this, clear out your audio downloads: navigate to Menu > Settings > Manage Audio and select the audio you wish to delete.

You can adjust the automatic audio download limit by navigating to: Menu > Settings > Audio Downloads and then use the slider to set the number of audio days (between 1 and 14) you wish to store on your device.

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