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Why does the app show a day number and not a date?

In the past, we have offered Bible in One Year as a reading plan which anyone could join at any point, and everyone globally would be using the same readings. We are now moving to encouraging people to start The Bible with Nicky and Pippa Gumbel from Day 1, regardless of what date they start on. This is because we believe it is easiest to understand the readings if they are started at the beginning, rather than picked up part way through.

This has led to some confusion however where users weren’t sure why their 1 September devotion wasn’t the same as their friend’s 1 September devotion, or even the email and website. This was because the readings were based on the users’ start date rather than the calendar year, despite being named after the calendar year. We hope that by changing our naming convention from Jan 1, Jan 2 to Day 1, Day 2, it will be clearer for users to see that their devotions are named based on their start date and not the calendar year.

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