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Why is my devotion in the app on a different day to the website or daily email?

Your app readings are based on the date you started Bible in One Year. If you started with Day 1 on January 1st, your app readings will match the website and email readings. If you started with Day 1 on 2nd March, they will not match. This is because the website and email readings follow the year starting with Day 1 on 1st January.

If you would like your app to match the website and email devotion, please tap on Menu > Settings > Reset App. You will be taken back through the onboarding process and will need to select 'I am familiar with the Bible' and select the edition you wish to use. When asked what was the last day you got to, select yesterday's day number - as shown on the website. Your app will then be set up to match the email and the website.

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